Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The High Functioning Mommy

So tired...Ugh.

Last night, Doodle decided she was hungry for Mickey Mouse pancakes at 12:30am.  Then she needed crackers at 2am.  Then we never went back to sleep.  Luckily Buggie went down at 2:30 and stayed down...but mommy and Doodle are a tay bit tired today.

Have I mentioned how fun two and a half year olds are?  And how much I am LOVING having two of them at the same time?

For the past few weeks, they've actually been sleeping pretty good.   and so have I.  It's been heavenly.  It's like they knew momma had some marathon recovering to get through and they let me have that time.  Apparently, I'm supposed to be healed and capable of functioning on no sleep again.

So now it comes down to becoming a High Functioning Mommy.   It's a delicate balance to be a High Functioning Mommy.  You don't want to have TOO much coffee because then you become Strung Out Mommy.   Too little coffee and you become Loudly Snoring Mommy.  My part time job (you know, the one I go to for 8 hours of the day) is SUPER BUSY right now (and unlikely to change) so I need to find ways to keep myself going and productive.  

But if the big project I am on is a major flop...I'm going to bring it down to the lack of sleep I got the day before I outlined the structure for the entire website.   Doodle has the success or failure of a multi-million dollar project resting on her head right now.

If we both get through the day, we'll next be addressing her sudden desire to sucker punch people in the face...

Ahhh - toddlers.  (Try to guess which one's Doodle)

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