Monday, October 3, 2011

The Final Week

Ok - so I am a bit behind in posting my runs.  Perhaps because there have been very few of them lately..."taper" has apparently translated into Corinese as "full stop"

But I have done a couple of 15K runs and I took a ton of photos of my Fish Creek run with J & JS, so I figured it's time to get posting :)

So, while my mental state was off when we ran fish creek park 2 weeks ago, I still love that place and am so happy I got to experience it with my runner girls.  Next time, I think we'll all make sure we are healed and strong and happy before we go.

In photos (no particular order):

And then there was my run this past weekend with JS.  Such a nice, laid back run from Eau Claire to Elbow Drive and back.   My left heel and right shin complained alot, but we went slow and just enjoyed the day (even the rain).  We even stopped halfway through and shared a date square as we sauntered along in the rain.  It was a great run to finish off my marathon training with.  I hope the run next weekend leaves me with the same feeling. No photos, but a great run :)

Speaking of next weekend, my entourage grew this weekend.   My Mother In Law has decided to join us in Kelowna so we can spend Thanksgiving togther and she can support me in my crazy marathon.  We changed our hotel to a beautiful loft condo on the waterfront and are going up Friday night, instead of Saturday so we can have a nice amount of time to enjoy and explore.  Now it feels like a running vacation instead of a race we are driving a ridiculous distance for.

So there we have it.   My mental energy this week is focusing on getting our family ready to go and not on the other crap that might try to sneak in.  I'm also planning out a week's menu of carboliciousness and I have a post-it on my window at work that tells me to chug-a-lug my water. I am going to be building a super fantastic playlist for my ipod so, if you have any rock songs you think belong on there - I'm open to suggestions in the comments.  Just don't send me any hip hop crap. I like pretty much anything but there are so few songs in that genre that do anything but annoy me.  

Hope your week is going smashingly!   It's gonna be a great one!

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  1. I can't wait to hear how your race goes, and to see your shiny new medal!!! A race holiday sounds wonderful ... best of luck on your big day!!!


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