Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dear Food Diary: Oct 30

I didn't do too badly today.  I did have a moment of weakness at Starbucks, though (as you'll soon see)

Breakfast was a greek yogourt and half a bagel with butter and drizzle of honey and my usual coffee
Lunch was a PB&J that my daughter discarded as "yucky" without taking a bite.  Not my first choice,but it definitely wasn't yucky.

Mid-afternoon I got a TALL latte and then caved on the oat fudge bar because it looked so good (wasn't worth the 400+ calories)

And dinner was totally yum.   Veggie Chicken Parmesan with rotini and a butter bun.

Tomorrow is MIL's birthday so we also had cake - I kept my piece small...

and to balance it out a bit - I headed out for a late afternoon run.  The nice days are going to be vanishing soon so it would have been a shame to waste today.  I did 5.15K around town and it felt great.  I had a naggy pain in my ankle for the first K, but once I hit my stride - it went away and I really enjoyed the run...well - I didn't enjoy running into the wind the whole way (it kept changing directions), but I consider that strength training and extra calories burned that my garmin can't account for!

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