Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dear Food Diary: Oct 29

Today, I was at school all day so there weren't really opportunities to snack...though I wasn't really hungry anyway.   I've added a fibre supplement to my diet as of yesterday and it is keeping me pretty full so I am taking more time to think about what I need to shove in my face.

Anyway - here's what today looked like.

Breakfast was half a bagel with peanut butter and a yogourt.  I really don't like gelatin yogourts so I made sure I picked up some greek yogourt after my class so I can have that in the future.

The came a food court lunch - a veggie burger and a small fries...that weren't that small. 

and to cap off my fast food day - pizza for dinner...2 slices of mushroom and pineapple.  Nothing hits the spot quite like a vegetarian hawaiian.

Just one cup of coffee (with breakfast).  I'm going to try to keep it to that, going forward.

and then the breakdown:

I really am trying to be smarter (even if it doesn't look like it).  I was tempted to break into the pantry and steal some of my MILs yummy chocolate candies and I didn't because I told myself it would serve no good purpose in my life.  Then I hit the "finished for the day" button in My Fitness Pal and it told me that if I ate like this every day - I would be 159.5lbs in 5 weeks.  So, I have some incentive to stick to the plan.   Just gotta keep chugging along and I'll reach my ultimate goal by the end of the year.

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