Friday, October 28, 2011

Dear Food Diary: Oct 28

Today was MUCH better on the food front. Unfortunately, the lovely chinook arch across the sky had my head screaming in agony and sent me home from work early, but at least I didn't shove my face full of crap all day.

Overslept - so didn't eat until I got to work.  Just coffee in the car:

and then a lovely southwest breakfast bake from Good Earth.  The coffee wasn't even a latte in that cup...just a medium roast with cream and sugar.

On my way home, I grabbed a quick bite at the mall to tide me over.  Just an avocado roll, some inari and  an apple juice.

Picking up Advil at Costco can be a dangerous process, depending what samples are on display.  I made myself promise to only have a sample if it was something I truly loved.   Dammit - they had Lindt Chocolates on the roster... I did, however just have one...

Dinner was simple...a grilled cheese sandwich on whole wheat and some mushroom soup.

Now I'm done for the day.  Tomorrow should be interesting.  I am in a course all day so will be eating on the go.  Here's hoping the food court food at SAIT is decent...


  1. Good for you...i'm completely failing at getting my act together so far :(

  2. You should do the Dear Food Diary thing too for a bit - you'd be amazed at how it makes you really look at the food you're eating and holds you accountable. I don't know how many of you would actually yell at me if I missed a day, but I don't want to take that chance LOL

    besides - only a few people look at you strange when you take photos of your food in public! Hubby just shook his head and muttered "must be a blog thing" when I did it at home. LOL

  3. I did it...i tracked my food for a few days-terrifying! I really didn't think i was eating that much-it's the snacking between meals that is causing the problems. It's going to be much harder to burn these calories without being able to run :( Hopefully i'll get a plan figured out soon!

    The girls looked adorable in the Halloween costumes :) Cheers


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