Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dear Food Diary: Oct 27

Ok...not as good as it could have been...but on the up side, I was being more watchful, knowing I was going to be posting it all here.  Ultimately it was a latte with a friend and a slice of carrot cake that did me in...

I would work out tonight, but I have had a screaming headache all afternoon and need to rest a bit.  I think the working out will need to come next week..for now - it's about the food...

I'll start with myfitnesspal tracking:

and now for the pictures:

Breakfast was a bagel with peanut butter and my coffee

I didn't eat the entire bagel - a quarter of it was stolen by these two bandits:

Then, I ran into Anna the second I got to work and she convinced me we needed lattes.  I should have chosen a tall instead of a venti...but I was cold and wanted a big coffee. Next time I'll choose smaller.

Lunch was at Good Earth - a lovely lentil stew and a slice of their yummy carrot cake (don't judge - it's only 200 cals)

and then Dinner..which was admittedly lame - open faced grilled cheese. 

and I admit...I will be eating the rest of my potato chips in a couple of minutes...getting them out of the house and away from temptation...I don't think there is a full serving left in the bag, though so the calorie count is definitely off there.

There you have reality.  See why I need to do this?   With any hope - I will be able to wrench myself back into a pattern I can be proud of.

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