Wednesday, October 12, 2011

19 days til NaNoWriMo!!!

Omigosh - it is already mid-October and suddenly time to start getting ready to rewrite my novel!!!  Very exciting stuff.   I don't know what I want to set as a word count =goal for the month, but I anticipate that after letting the book stew in the crock pot of my head for 11 months - I will have no problem adding another 50,000 words - and bringing it a bit closer to what I expect a good length for my first novel to be.

Last year, I wrote the first draft of my novel, The Loracian Stone. By the time I finished it there were so many plot changes and loose ends that I knew this book was far from done. This year, I intend to rewrite the novel and add A LOT to the manuscript - cleaning up and elaborating as I go. Technically, NaNo is for fresh, new novels, so I am breaking the rules a bit by doing this...but I think using it to structure a goal is a good idea for me.  Especially since NaNoEdMo didn't work out for me in March.

Do you have a novel in your head?  Why not think about spending a month getting it out of there!  I'd love to have some buddies for NaNo this year...and maybe, if you're local, we can even have our own little celebration at the end :)

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Trust me - 50,000 words in a month isn't hard to reach.  it's only around 1500 a day (took me about an hour and a half of writing each day to reach it)

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