Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Workout Wednesday: Pre-Marathon Prep

My marathon is officially less than two weeks away...actually - it's closer to a week and a half.  And I have gone into full-on prep mode.   There is just so darn much to think about.   Add to that that my work-life has suddenly gotten ridiculously busy (and the week I am taking off after the 'thon makes it more of a crunch) and I feel like I am seriously running out of time.  But I am getting somewhere in getting ready for the trip

1) What to wear
This is my first marathon and will likely be my only marathon ever so I want to look good and feel good doing it.  I looked at my running clothes and felt just generally blah about them.  I think all the miles I logged int hem this summer has made me ache for something new.  So - I went to Lululemon...and bought myself a completely new outfit to wear.  There is just something about brand new running clothes that makes me smile AND makes me look forward to using them.   I bought a new tank and bra and crops.  I even bought myself a hat in case it rains.   I don't own MUCH from Lululemon, but I figured this was a good excuse to treat myself.  I worked hard all summer and it was really tough on me...and if a new outfit adds a little pep to my step...well, then it's all worth it :)

2) Fueling Up
While I was training, Nuun went and discontinued my beloved Orange-Ginger...the drink I had been using through all of my training.  None of the other flavours are cutting it, but I was over the moon to discover that Campers Village still had it in stick and I bought myself two tubes to make sure I had plenty.  I still need to run to the store to pickup my figgy newtons.  I am so loving these as running fuel.  Not only do I get to munch on my favorite cookie while I run...but I also get to have a happy tummy, too!

Closer to the date, I am going to need to buy myself some bagels.  And a small toaster to bring with us.  I learned that the hard way in San Fran last year.  Eating untaosted bagels at 4am on a nervous stomach is not the most fun ever.   I'd rather have a small toaster to bring for my out of town races...

3) Car stuff

Lately, it seems like everyone around me is having car issues.  I'm not taking that chance.  Next week, the Forester is going in for an oil change and tune up.  It is due for them anyway - but this way I can feel better about heading off into themountains on a tight driving schedule

4) Pet stuff
Dog boarding is booked.   Cancerhound is going to love it.  The other one is going to spend the weekend whining by the door until we come back.  She's like that.

5) Weather
I made the mistake of checking the long range forecast last weekend.  I'm not allowed to do that again.   Didn't like the little crying cloud on the corner of the sun on the box for Oct 9.  I need everyone to start chanting "Rain, rain go away.  Why not go to Vancouver where they are used to you anyway..."

So, now I just have a couple more things to do and I should be good to go.  I need to test drive my outfit (Saturday) and I need to carb load.  Next week is all about the I'd better pick some of that up while I'm at the store...

It's almost here.  and I am almost ready...

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