Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Techy Tuesday: My new Bloggy Blog

Ok - I have been almost obsessed with ereading gadgets for a while now and I noticed that I have been flooding my mommy blog with reviews of these gadgets and accessories for them every Tuesday.  When my scheduled posts for Techy Tuesday started to stretch out for weeks and weeks with an e-reading thing...I decided it might be time to branch off with those.

So, after much searching for domain names, I finally started GADGETreads.com

I'm still going to be focussing on reading in this, my mommy blog...but anything to do with reading gadgets, accessories, websites...those will all move tot he new blog so I can just write about them whenever the urge strikes me instead of flooding this blog with them.

So, if you like the gadgetry talk - feel free to head on over and check it out and subscribe. And, if you are a gadget geek too and want to submit a post - I'm happy to have guest bloggers there too :)

Oh - and it's still a work in progress - please bear with me while I polish it up in the coming weeks :)

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