Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Techy Tuesday: M-Edge Latitude e-Reader Cover

I made a happy discovery at my local Staples a couple of weeks ago…they actually sell M-Edge E-reader covers in store!   Awesome!  Of course, they only carry them to fit the older Kobos and the Kindles and a very limited selection at that…but these amazing covers are available locally if you have those readers!

Last week, I reviewed my new Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  The first conundrum I had when I got it was "what am I going to get for a case?"  Then it hit me.  A few google clicks later, I had the answer.  The Galaxy is nearly the exact same dimensions as a Kindle.  It's a little thicker but people on the internet were saying the covers fit great.

So off to Staples I went.   And picked myself up a Latitude Jacket!

front view

complete with tablet

interior is lined in polar fleece


detail shot of corner strap and, though not showing it as much - I have folded the front back and zipped it in place to allow me to just hold the tablet without the front cover in the way.

zippered pocket on the front

handy pocket on the back

pocket for the m-edge booklight
I'm EXTREMELY happy with this cover.   As all of you know from my experience with the Executive Jacket on my Sony PRS-505, I love this company's products.  So much care and thought went into designing them and they are full of wonderful features.

I feel as though my Galaxy Tab is well protected in this cover.     One caveat, though, about using this as a cover for tablet...if the tablet has a back camera (like mine does), it will need to be removed from the jacket to use that camera.   Not a big deal for me, since I didn't get the Tab for its camera.  For those who did, you might wish to get a cover specifically made for the Tab. 

For a Kindle or a Kobo wifi, this cover would be perfect...it is a bit more utilitarian than one of the more book-style covers, but that might be an advantage to some people (I like covers for my ereaders that look a bit more like journals).    For my tablet, I'm happy to have the secured pocket and the extra padding.  The nylon material is durable and the construction of the cover itself is very well made.

I think that if you are looking for a cover for an ereader or for a smaller tablet - this one would be great.  I certainly like it much better than most of the tablet-specific covers I've seen out there...and M-edge is a name you can associate with quality.  Highly recommended.

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