Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Goals

I'm starting to wonder why I do this to myself.  I have such a hard time actually following through with them.  But if I didn't set goals - I would be ignoring any potential that I have to achieve here I go again.  September's goals are threefold...the three F's:


Pre-make meals - portion control is king.   If I can't do it with cooking, then I will do it with frozen meals. After Saturday, I am going ot need to really watch my intake so I don't turn into a beluga whale before my marathon.  I'm also going to add the latte thing this month too...but not because of calories...because of caffeine.  I am a little too dependent on it and I need to cut it out and move to herbal teas once more.  This might mean a slow detox over the long weekend...


It's taper time, kids.  After my 32K on the Saturday...I will be reducing my distances.  This will mean extra diligence in keeping up with other fitness pursuits.   I have the third season of Gossip Girl to keep me going on the bike...and I can really start to get some use out of the Rip:60


This one's a biggie.  A few months ago, I wrote a fair bit about budgeting and so forth.  Then I went back to work and hubby took a much higher paying job.  While it definitely eased our financial also meant we went a little crazy with new toy acquisitions and lofty thinking.   Debt is being paid down quicker than it was...but not quickly enough.   I have a couple of things I really want but instead of going after them immediately, my goal for the month is to start saving a bit of my allowance so I can pick them up in a few months time.   Big on the list?  Running Snowshoes. So I need to save the money before the snow flies :)

There we have it - Food, Fitness, Finance.   Let's see if I can have one month where I don't crash and burn on the goals.

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