Friday, September 9, 2011

Missing in Action...

Hey there, my dear bloggy friends.  I am so sorry I've been a bit missing in action all week.   Life has been interfering and I am completely drained.  From helping my MIL figure out her move back to Calgary, to eating a really bad takeout meal that had me in pain and bloated for 3 days, to phone support when the MIL got home and found her house had been robbed (luckily she lost very little), to Buggie deciding she could climb out of the tub on her own only to end up smacking her head on the toilet (gorgeous goose egg there - oy), to working on a new website (you'll hopefully find out about that next week)...something seemed to be distracting me every time I would have normally sat myself down to write. Something had to give and that something was my beloved Read.Write.Run.Mom.   

I'm hoping to be back to myself next week and ready to share more adventures and insights with y'all. :)

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