Sunday, September 4, 2011

32K - partially in pictures

Well - I did it.   32K.  32.27 to be exact.

Started at 6am, solo, and ran around the entire reservoir.  Boy was it dark and cold at the start.   Then, met up with JS at around 8:30 and we ran another loop.  Lots of walk breaks.  At one point, my calf muscle seized and I had to stretch it out before I could continue.   It was a slow run...and LOTS of walk breaks (did I already mention all those walk breaks?)   and stupid me, I never thought to take a pic of me and JS on my longest training run.  I really wish I had've.  

I did it as 2 loops of Glenmore Reservoir.  Such a pretty way to do it...we're so lucky to have such a beautiful place to run in Calgary.  Though, I must admit, that it is starting to look alot like fall in these parts.  

The rest of the day, I was stiff and achy.   Today, I'm better.  Just a bit of stiffness in the ol' hamstrings.

This run made me realize something.  This is going to be the last marathon I run.   This training has taught me that I want running to be fun.  I don't want it to hurt.  I don't regret challenging myself like this and I will run the full next month just to do it (otherwise all of this would be for naught)...but I won't do it again.   Half marathon is far enough for me. 


  1. I'm in awe of your running, girl! Seriously. After taking six weeks off this summer, I'm a mess. I have to pull myself together for Melissa's. And fast!

  2. Eek. Im sure you can do it! are you doing the half?


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