Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Woman Possessed

I'm not sure what came over me this weekend, but I attacked our basement like it was a do or die mission.   It started Saturday night with my attacking the workout room and essentially adding another third to the floor space it takes up.  Where did that third come from, you might office.  oops.

But now we have room to really move :)

I even installed a hook in the ceiling so I can tuck the Rip:60 out of the way.

Moved hubby's rack out of the way so I can use the floor space...

And then office.   This is what it looked like at the start:

As you can tell, I use it  A LOT!  As a junk storage facility, that is...

I've been feeling creatively drained recently...and after I did the workout room, I decided this needed tackling.   I was going to see carpet again by the end of the day or die trying.   I figured that if I could get it under control, maybe I could start using the "room" aka corner of the basement, for a little creative release as the months start to get cooler.   This room is both my writing nook and my pastel studio (betcha didn't know I had THAT lil' talent, didya).  I've been aching to paint again recently but one needs to be able to see one's painting area to do so...actually I kinda needed to be able to reach it to do so.

It took me two hours to get to this:

and another two to get to this:
It's still not perfect...but it is manageable now.  And all that crap that WAS in there has now turned into 3 boxes of art/craft supplies and 2 boxes of office shit, that I am freecycling.   Oh and 2 bags of recycling and 2 bags of actual garbage. 

 Now all I need is to sort through the box of stuff that needs filing (note to self - buy a file cabinet or something) and to scan everything in that yellow bin so I can throw the rest of it away (note to self - replace flatbed scanner asap)

Culling is so liberating.  I feel more creative already!  Wheeee!

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  1. I always wanted to have a basement gym. Too bad I learned about the difficulties of setting it up and de-cluttering the hard way.


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