Thursday, August 4, 2011

VFF and Rip:60 Trial Run

Since I knew y'all would be antsy to hear how the trial went last night, I won't keep you waiting :)

I took it pretty easy on both, since I want to break the shoes in slowly and I am fighting off an incoming cold that is making me pretty dizzy. I walked around in the shoes at home for a couple of hours before I headed down to my gym.

I did the week one video of Rip:60.  Here are my thoughts on it:
  • LOOOONG warmup - around 8 mins, I think.  I actually enjoyed it, but I can see the length of it getting annoying after a few viewings.
  • The workout itself alternates the use of the suspension trainer with cardio bursts.  Most of it was kind of like light plyometrics
  • Challenging, but do-able.  Probably not great for a beginner to working out unless they know how to modify greatly.
  • I need to adjust the height of the mount.  I felt like the straps were just too long for the size of our room, but I think it's fixable with some re-arranging.
  • Not sure how people with limited space would be able to really do this, but they must have no problems since many people talk about using the door anchor in a small apartment.
  • Cool down and stretching is just the right length.  So many videos really skimp on this in an effort to make the videos be under 30 mins so lazy people will buy them.  Start to finish, this one was 50 mins long.
  • Definitely feeling the workout in my triceps and biceps today.  If I'd really given my all, I think I'd be quite sore.
And on the Vibram FiveFingers(VFF):
  • Surprisingly comfortable. My toes are naturally mangled looking (going in all directions) and these straightened them out (while wearing them) and didn't hurt while it did it (unlike the discomfort of using Yoga Toes a while back)
  • My feet felt very secure in them.  I didn't feel like I was wearing shoes at all, but I had none of the slippage that I would have had in bare feet.
  • Ok - this one is totally for vanity, but my feet had never looked smaller LOL
 All in all - I took it pretty easy and still found it difficult...but I attribute that to my dizziness from this cold.   Next week might be a different stroy.  I can say this much, though, I definitely can't wait to get my feet into those VFFs again, though.   So comfy!

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