Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Randomness: Ironman Dreams

The past few weeks I have been plagued by the oddest of dreams.  Dreams where I signed up for an Ironman 70.3.   I don't know why I'm having them.  I certainly have no desire to do an Ironman.  I have never discussed doing one with anyone.   The thought scares the crap out of me.   But yet, I am still dreaming Ironman.   And pretty funny Ironman at that.

The first dream involved JS talking all of the Runner girls into signing up for one.   Somehow we all agreed.   Then, on race day, we showed up in the parking lot of this big mall and discovered that we were all really unprepared.  We'd only half-assed trained for it and most of us didn't bring the equipment we needed.   I was prepared to swim, but I hadn't thought to bring a bike so I had to run around the Walmart in the mall trying to find one that would fit me.  Turned out the only one that fit me belonged to a girl who worked in the backroom there and she didn't want to sell it.  When I tried to steal it (not something I would ever do in real life), it immediately reduced itself to parts. 

So, I tracked down JS and told her that I didn't have a bike, but I could swim and run with her - I just wouldn't get the medal (boo) because I was going to end up with a big fat DNF (did not finish) on my results.   No biggie - I was willing to do the swim and to run the half marathon.

So we (me, JS and C - J had somehow vanished by this point) headed to the water to start the swim.  Only it wasn't a normal pool or a was the wave pool at West Edmonton Mall and it was outside in the parking lot. We had to battle ginormous waves to complete the swim portion.  It was challenging, but we each helped each other to finish it.  

Then I sat out the bike portion and waited for the girls to return so I could run with them.   I saw JS running out of transition and she slapped a baton into my hand and said "Go!  This is your leg!" (because this 70.3 was apparently a relay for the run).  I had to keep dodging around hurdles and the course soon entered the mall so I had to dodge around shoppers too.  Right after I handed the baton to C, I woke up.

Such an odd dream and I had hoped it would be the last one in that category...and then there was the one I had this weekend before my long long run.

This time, I had apparently signed up for the 70.3 on my own.  It started in the water (a real lake this time) and I was even wearing a wetsuit...but I couldn't make myself go.   Finally, I walked it.  yep - walked the swim route in the water (I guess it was a shallow lake) and made it to transition dead last. 

Then, I couldn't find my bike and had to wait until everyone cleared out of the area so I could find where I had parked it.   I rode my heiney off to try to catch up with everyone but I was still dead last.

Then came the run.   and me forgetting how.  So I stood there - trying to get started, but I couldn't remember how to run.  Not even a little.   I was just stuck there, scratching my head and telling myself that I used to know how and that I had run this distance many times before.

and then I woke up.

I don't even want to know what either of these might mean.  I suspect it has something to do with my marathon training and/or the sucky diet I've been eating lately.   Maybe I should just stop snacking on Friday nights...what I do know is that the odds of me ever signing up for an Ironman are so slim that I don't think these will have any chance of coming true...

and there, ladies and gentlemen, is a little randomness to make your Thursday complete... :)


  1. Obviously I went shopping. Obviously.

  2. HAHA...that is funny...forgetting how to run! Sometimes I have dreams of being back in university and forgetting to study for an exam! It freaks me out. Then I wake up and think, thank God I'm not in school anymore :)

  3. DOH! Of course that's what happened, J! We should have been thinking clearer before we signed you up for that mall Ironman! lol

  4. I can't imagine forgetting how to run...but apparently my subconscious can lol. Of course - maybe that day I have to run 32K, that will happen and I will be the Cori statue at the side of the path with the confused look carved on her face LOL!


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