Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Techy Tuesday: CaseCrown cover for Kobo Touch

Y'all probably think I'm mental in my search for a cover for my Kobo.   Seriously - how many have I gone through and I've only had the thing a month and a half?   Anyway - the search is over.  I have found a great cover in the CaseCrown cover for Kobo Touch.

What I like about it:
  • Perfect fit - this thing was MADE for the Kobo Touch and the details show it.  All of the ports are accessible and the reader isn't going anywhere.
  • Pockets - I love having inner pockets in my reader case where I can stow my library card and my Indigo gift card (to keep my books off the ol' visa)
  • Secure - the magnetic snap closure keeps the case closed so nothing can get in there to damage the screen
  • Bezel cover - I REALLY like the fact that this case has a cover over the bezel of the device.  My biggest concern with the white Kobo was that the bezel would yellow or discolour from the oils on my hands.  Now - I can rest easier.
  • Purse sized - the Kobo is a small reader with a big screen and this case keeps that size factor.   While my M-Edge case could be a bit bulky for my everyday handbag - this one is nice and petite - making it even easier to take everywhere.
This case is really nice.  It doesn't have the WOW/beauty factor of an M-Edge case, but since M-Edge isn't manufacturing for the Kobo - I'll take what I can get :)   This one is well made and should last me a long time.   My case hunt is officially over.

Now for some pics:

and the price of this case?  I got it for around $20, brand new, on eBay.  Not bad at all.

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