Friday, August 19, 2011

Road Trippin'

Today, we are heading north.  Waaaaay north to the thriving metropolis of Edmonton...well - just west of Edmonton, actually.  The in-laws live in just outside of Stony Plain.

Betcha wish you could be me! 

I mean, who wouldn't want to be trapped in a car for 4 hours with two toddlers, two dogs and a hubby.   I'm trying to time the trip JUST RIGHT so the toddlers will sleep (AKA nap) the whole way there.  That is so not going to happen the way I wish it to.  Instead, I envision those two little voices, who are starting to get a pretty good grasp of the English language, screaming for food.  or stuffies,. or stickers. or shoes. or needing us to stop because they threw their lovies into the trunk with the dogs.  Or, my personal favourite, yelling at me to "STOP!  Go Away!".

The dogs aren't small dogs so they take up the entire trunk of our Forester...and one of them doesn't like anyone to be in her personal space so every 3 miles, one of us will shout "Shut it, Cali!" to keep her from snarling at poor Abner who really just wants to throw up back there (oh ya - did I mention that Cancerhound gets motion sick?).  

I'm hydrating for my 29K on we will need to stop every half hour so I can pee.  Good thing there are lots of little towns along the QE2 because there certainly aren't many rest stops.   Hubby is still sick so there is a good chance I'll be driving a large chunk of it (not really a problem for means those bathroom stops will happen on MY schedule hee hee).

Then we have the luggage.   With the above-mentioned doggies taking up the real estate in the back, that means the trusty ol' Thule gets to be loaded onto the roof.  We're hauling a little less stuff than when we made this trek last year...but there is still much to be packed into that sucker.   For example, my dream of not packing the playpen - dashed.  There is no way these guys are ready to sleep in a bed on their own yet...if we want any downtime after 8pm - they need to be contained in the playpens.  So, that gets loaded first and half of our cargo space is suddenly eaten.   Then around the playpen, an assortment of small overnight bags are packed in.  Then we have the pillows and blankets.   Let's not forget the dog food and bowls.   Luckily, I have a rule that travelling to Gramma's house means no packing any toys except those we need to sleep with.  Grammas should always have an assortment of toys.  We were also really smart and forced the grandparents to buy 2 umbrella strollers each so we never need to haul a stroller.  They also each have a playpen so we only need to bring one with us (a good thing too, since we never bought more than one :P)

That Thule holds a fair bit.  It also turns our little 4-banger SUV into a highway snail.   Definitely need to add travel time when that thing is on the roof.  By the time we reach our destination, we all feel like the wind has been pressing against ourselves the whole way and all we want to do it drop into a coma.   Until the girlies somehow end up being given something made of pure sugar the second we get there...while we watch them zing around the place, we will attempt to have narcoleptic conversations with family before finally excusing ourselves and falling face first, fully clothed onto the bed and falling asleep to the wailing of two toddlers who don't want to go to sleep yet.   And they've become really hard to ignore since they started addressing us directly...

Oh dammit - we totally forgot to bring the dog in while he was playing keep away in the dark on the 5 acres surrounding the house...does that mean we've freed up some cargo space for the ride home?  

But, it is totally worth it, in the end.   Hearing the girlies get so excited about going to see Gramma and Bappa (and after showing them photos and hearing them address them without being told which Gramma and Bappa's house they are going to).  Knowing that there will be grandparents there to play with the toddlers that they don't see as often as they'd like.  A gaggle of cousins to wear those toddlers out.  A giant slip n' slide put on the hill into the valley of the acreage.   A huge deck bordering on a giant forest. 

This could be a really fun weekend once we get past the "getting there" part.

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