Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Official Photos: Edmonton Half Marathon 2011

Holy cow, that was fast...they were ready yesterday, but since I promised y'all to not flood your feed readers - I restrained myself til today!

Here are my official pics from Edmonton!   Mostly finish line stuff...but there was one on course pic.  No wonder I didn't see any of the on course photographers - I was staring at the ground apparently!

Is the guy behind me "adjusting himself" for the camera?

and I'm glad to see that I don't look as fat as I am feeling these days...

and my finisher certificate:


  1. That is funny, remind yourself to look up next time! Great pictures though.

  2. Congratulations! I'm really finding your blog inspiring... now I just have to get over the fear and put on my damn shoes!

  3. LOL Christy - I'm not certain I even knew my own name by that point in the race (guess that's why they write it on the bib for ya)...Next time, I'll give myself a stern talking to :P

    Welcome to my little blog, Samantha! I'm glad you're finding it inspiring! Go for it! Pull on those shoes and go for a run...or a walk...or anything. Trust me - if I could do it - anyone can. I used to laugh at people who would ask me to run. Now I'm one of those people doing the asking...big change within 2 years :)


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