Monday, August 15, 2011

My Month So Far

Holy Hannah!  Where is the month going? I swear that just yesterday it was the start of August, yet right now the end of the month is staring me in the face.  Yikes!'s it going , Cori?  Um...can I just not answer that?

I suppose two things are worth noting

1) my latte consumption has gone waaay down..but it hasn't vanished
2) My eating out has been significantly reduced...though not eliminated.

It's a good thing that I didn't say "Quit eating junk food" as a goal...because that would ave been a gigantic FAIL!  I can't seem to stop stuffing crap into my face.   I really REALLY need to, though, since the scale has started leaping in the opposite direction from where I need it to go.  I need to rein that in - my pants are a little too tight for my liking...and I had been on the verge of needing smaller pants. :(  Last night, I went a bit overboard and today I am having stomach issues because of it.

I don't know what's gotten into me.  Sure - I am running ALOT.   Sure - I've been hopping on the bike a fair bit too.   I need to replenish ...a bit.  Not the huge amount I have been.

As for my meals - I have had no desire to cook.  As I told J on our run this past weekend...I've come to realize I'm not a foodie.  I don't like food.  I don't like cooking.  I don't need good food and good wine to make my life complete. I eat because my stomach rumbles.  My problem is that I do like junk food.  I have a high sweet/salty threshold and I tend to greet them both together.  Handful of chips, handful of licorice alsorts.  I also have a high sugar tolerance so eating vast amounts of sugar doesn't string me out like it does most people.  And my tendency to eat to the bottom of whatever bag I've shoved my face into...that doesn't help either.

I think I need to go on a pretty sharp portion control diet.  I do this from time to time...I give myself strict structure to rein in whatever I am slipping on.  Since I seem to be slipping on many fronts, I think I need to attack it all for the rest of the month.

1) It's time to stock up on the frozen meals - Going Jenny Craig style without the Jenny.  Just family will still eat homecooked meals...
2) 100 calorie snacks are my new junk food - Those bags are small enough that I can eat to the bottom without guilt :P
3) Water - I need the hydration for my runs so I think water and herbal teas are my best bets right now.  Coffee isn't doing me any favours and is actually making my life far more difficult than it should be.
4) Crudites - it's time to get the cutting board out and make myself some veggie snackies.   Carrots and hummus sounds much nicer than oversalted chips right about now.
5) I need to maybe keep my junk food consumption to just a treat on Sunday nights to get me through True Blood.

For the last half of August (not counting this weekend because my mother-in-law is a food pusher and we're staying with them), I am on dietary boot camp.  Yes - I will likely ingest too many preservatives but I don't really care right now.  It's just for a short time. I need to remind my body that I am not at my goal yet and to remind myself of this little thing i used to have called willpower.

I will also be mindful that my body has needs for supporting my long long long runs and will eat accordingly to fuel them...but also smartly.

There's the's hoping I can stick to it.  I'll keep ya posted...

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