Monday, August 29, 2011

MOMday: Mommunity

For the past 2 weeks...nay, longer...there has been some bug or another running rampant in my home.   Hubby seems like he is always on the verge of something or is being flattened out by something else.   Every time a tooth cuts on my girlies - there is a type of cold they get (that vanishes suddenly when the tooth appears).  Everybody gets sick.  But me.   Must be my Mommunity.

Don't get me wrong...I've been feeling pretty ughy myself for the past couple weeks.  There may have even been some interesting colours finding their way out of my body at different points (TMI, I know...just bear with me)...but just when I thought the cold was going to take root and knock me went away.  JUST. LIKE. THAT.

I joke and say that it's my magic multivitamins that keep me healthy.  I used to get sick all the time before I got preggo.   Nasty, lingering colds and flus.  Days and days off work.   That kind of sick.   As soon as I started taking prenatal vitamins - all of a sudden I wasn't sick anymore.  My entire pregnancy, I got one cold the week before I gave birth and I just saw it as a warning sign that something was imminent.  Once I was in the hospital - the cold went away.

While I was pumping for my girlies - I kept up the prenatals.  They were cheap and plentiful (ladies - just buy your vitamins at many for soooo cheap).   Colds came and went from our house and I didn't get sick.  Sometimes I would start to get sick and so I would double or triple my vitamins that day and the cold never got past the sore throat stage.   Those vitamins were magic, I tellya!  My friends were anxious to test my theory about the vitamins and most of them came back and told me I was crazy - it just didn't work that way for them.  They don't have kids, though, so I think it must just be my Mommunity.

What is Mommunity, you ask?  Simple.  It is a special immunity that only Moms get.   That way they REALLY never get a day off.   No luxuriating in bed while daddy takes the kids to the dayhome...that just isn't in the cards.  I may be lying here...I started to get sick a few weeks ago and, after a sleepless night with sick babies, hubby took the girls to the dayhome so I could call in sick and sleep.  I took 4 multivitamins before I laid down :P  Really, though...I didn't spend the day luxuriating...I slept til 10 and then got a migraine right after breakfast so it's not like I could even sit in bed and read for the rest of the day.  Fun day - right?!?!

The other times I kind of got sick were a) on a 2 week family vacation in Mexico...and the girlies and hubby were sick too so I had to take care of them, b) that time me and the girlies got the stomach flu and I was off for a week - not because I was sick...because mine only lasted 24 hours...because the girlies took turns throwing up for an entire week. 

But I digress...mommunity sucks.  It really does.  I feel like I've spent the better part of 3 years on the edge of a cold but never really allowed to get sick.   To sit in bed all day, wiping my nose while I read and drink copious amounts of ginger ale.

The sad part of never really getting sick, though, is that I get tons of sick days through my work and I never use them!  If the girlies are sick - I have to use VACATION DAYS!!!   How is that fair? 

But I knew the job description when I signed on for motherhood.   Fair doesn't matter anymore and my day off is on Saturdays when I disappear for a morning to run and visit and drink a latte the size of my head.  Truly, I think that morning off does more for my mommunity than anything else because it gives me a chance to let go of everything for a few hours and chase any bug away before I return to the sick house...and I am better equipped to deal with it when I do.


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