Monday, August 15, 2011

MOMday: It's Potty Time!

Nickelodian Dora The Explorer 3 in 1 Potty Trainer, PinkAfter months of talking about it..we finally had our first potty success this past weekend.  Buggie pooed in the potty.  This is HUGE!  With the arrival of this giant milestone - she also decided that diapers are optional, meaning I've been doing a TON of bedsheet laundry.  I should also mention that clothing apparently became optional as well.   We've had a nudist in the house.  But it's a nudist who will sit on the potty when she's asked.  She hasn't used it since, though.  

Even so - I think the success is enough to say we will begin potty training in earnest.  For Buggie, anyway.  Doodle doesn't seem to have the same interest, though she wants to sit on the potty whenever Buggie does it.  As much as I wanted to train them simultaneously, I'm now thinking one at a time might suit us better.  Plus, Dood is super smart - once she sees Buggie doing something, she usually strives to do it better.

We've had the potties accessible around the house for months.  the girls will sit on them all the time - fully clothes and diapered.  I think they have thought of them as funny chairs.   We also have a plethora of potty training themed books that have been largely ignored in favour of their other books.   I've tried to get them in the mindset of potty training for a while now, since everything I read about cloth diapering told me that cloth diapered babies tend to train earlier. Not so in our house.

We have a bunch of cloth training pants for at home, but I needed to buy pull-ups for the dayhome.  While I was at Wallyworld, I also bought a bunch of shiny foil stars and started to formulate a plan to make a potty chart.  I sat Buggie down and showed her the pullups and told her they were big kid pants for big girls who use the potty.  She seemed to like that.  Then I showed her the stars and the potty chart that I had found online (there are some super cute ones around for free) and told her that if she uses the potty, we'll put a star stickie on the chart and if she has a whole week without an accident, we will take a special trip to the store and she can pick out a special toy to celebrate.   I think that part went over her head a bit.

Of course, now that today is the big day to kick off potty time, we - a) had a rough night last night where very little sleep was had by all and, b) had a little Buggie refuse to put on a pullup first thing in the morning.  Figures.

But Sha-Shaw was pretty excited about the success and was very happy to see the pullups arrive this morning. She even told the girlies that she has a Dora potty especially for them to use!  I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if there are a few extra successes to cheer by tonight!  Here's hoping!  I just really can't wait until the day I can announce we are diaper free!


  1. nice to have a potty trained child! I'm still waiting for my 3rd to take the plunge (no pun intended ;) Hopefully soon!

  2. I truly cannot wait. Entering the diaper-free zone is going to free up so much space in our house! Can't wait.


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