Saturday, August 13, 2011

I did it and my feet didn't fall off...yet

27K.  Done.  Today.  I rock :)

It took a little logistical planning for it to all come together, but I ran my super long run today in the company of my runner girls :)   The idea was to start at 7am at Eau Claire with J supporting me from her bike.  Then - to return to Eau Claire by 9 to meet up with JS to run the last 10K.   J texted me to let me know she'd meet me on the way so I headed to Edworthy on my own.

My right shoe kept pretending that there was something in it, though constant checks and readjustments proved fruitless.  Finally, I was able to settle into a groove and just run and the annoyance went away.   45 minutes later, I was suddenly at Edworthy.  Somewhere along the way, I had kind of gotten it into my head that I could perhaps tackle today as my 29K run and then take a couple of weeks of lower mileage before I tackled 32K.  It seemed like a BRILLIANT plan.   After a quick pitstop, I pulled out my phone to text J with the game plan so she could find me as I added distance...and at that moment -- she suddenly appeared on her bike :)

Having company really does make all the difference on these super long runs.   It takes your mind off of the pounding and adds a little spring in your step.  Having a bike as a pace bunny was also great because it helped me pick up the pace a bit.  At one point, I was pretty sure I was going to PR at the half marathon distance (I didn't) lol.   My math was slightly off (someone PLEASE take the math off my hands on these impromptu run adjustments) so instead of finishing the first part of the run at 19K...I came in at around 20.7K

I had sent J ahead at around 10th Street so she could stow her bike and meet up with JS (since we were now a bit later than planned).  When I hit Eau Claire - I ran to my car to swap out the bottles in my belt and to snarf a couple fig newtons (YUM!). Then dashed to Good Earth to meet the girls so we could get going on the rest of the run.

With the plan revised, due to my stupid math, we were heading out for 8K.  We headed east along the river - past the bathrooms with the dead people on them (just take my word for it - the photos they chose to decorate with really do look like drowned people - really happy drowned people)  and out toward the zoo.   I was really starting to feel the distance at this point and was cramping pretty bad (presumably from hunger - must eat a bigger breakfast) - so the walk breaks stretched out a bit and came a bit more frequently.   By the time we crossed over the bridge - it was looking like we were going to come up a bit short on distance.  I felt really bad since my runner girls are now in half training and probably needed the distance...but we came in at around 6K for them and finished me off at 27K.

Some bathroom art for y'all (source) - told ya they look dead....

Longest distance I've ever run...until 2 weeks from now when I blow it out of the water by actually making the 29K.

Tonight, I'm nowhere near as sore as I would expect to be...My IT band on my left leg is a bit tight so me and my Stick have a hot date in a few mins.  My right knee is a bit tender, but nothing a few advil and a good night sleep won't cure.  My feet feel like they ran 27K...but I massaged them with a dryer ball (you chuckle, but it really does work) and they aren't as crippled as they have been in past runs.

More than anything - I am just super tired and extremely hungry.  Nothing I could shove in my maw right now would make me feel guilty.  I had a little junk food binge while I watched Ramona and Beezus tonight on Netflix and I doubt even that could eat up the entire 2000+ calories my garmin says I burned :D

Speaking of Garmins...I hit Costco on the way home and they had the Garmin Forerunner 405CX for $200.  Texted hubby and he texted back "Happy bday baby!"  so I have a new toy.  I just need to figure out how to work it since it's much different than my 201. I also picked up a white long sleeve tech shirt while I was there so keep me visible in my morning runs (if I ever get my arse hauled out of bed in time for them again...)

So that, in a nutshell, was my run today.  I wish I'd thought to take photos.    I am so grateful for my wonderful runner girls - supporting me through this even though I am the only one crazy enough to do this full marathon thing this year.   Thanks guys <3

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  1. Great job on the run and way for Costco! I have been admiring the newer Garmins but for now will have to stick to my 305 until it dies (hopefully not soon)


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