Friday, August 5, 2011

First Mod to the Rip:60

A few weeks ago, one of my work buddies told me about a killer sale at Fitness Source in Deerfoot Mall (entire store 30-50% off for a renovation sale).  I kept meaning to get there and never seemed to make it.  Finally tonight, I convinced Hubby to stop by there on the way home so we could see what was left.

I had 2 things I wanted to look for: some sort of massager thing for my feet and some sort of smaller handle option for the Rip:60 (this one would allow me to be really creative since there aren't other handles for the trainer).  I managed to luck out on one count.  The handles.

I wandered through the balance and rehab equipment they had and came up empty on the foot massager.   So it was time to get creative and see what I could find for a workable handle solution.  I had no clue what I would find, but so many pieces of workout equipment have different handles and attachments so I started there.

They had these little kits with several different tensions of rubber tubing that you could use with a single set of handles and, while lightweight, the handles were about what I was looking for.  I just didn't want to have to buy the whole set.  I have several resistance tubes - don't need anymore.  no go.

Then I moved over an aisle and found similar handles but they were solid metal and I could see them detaching my hand from my wrist if I moved an odd go.

Then I came upon a large rack of different machine attachments and BONANZA!  The perfect handles for what I needed.  They are much shorter than the handles that came with the trainer (thereby shortening it by about a foot so I can get better use.  There are strong metal d-rings to clip to the carabiners.  and the foam padded handles are quite comfy - though unnecessary.   Because they can swap out fairly easily - it will be no problem to change out for the larger handles if I need them for lower body exercises.

and the pics :)

Much better.   Goes to show that you can get creative with your home fitness equipment to make it work for you.   Now that I know the category to search within, I may see if I can find some other handle attachments too.   (They are Cable Attachments - should be available anywhere they sell cable weight machines)

And, yes, I do have a flatbed scanner on the floor of my home gym.   Don't ask why...

We also found a large anti-fatigue mat for hubby's weightlifting and he found some summer running clothes for a steal.

All in all - a decent way to pass a rainstorm :)
Ohhh -in the bottom left corner of the pic, you can also kinda see two other recent purchases I made for the workout room...the ugliest kettlebell ever and a small inflatable core ball (it's the lime green one).  I guess I forgot to post about those, but they were added last weekend.

Ok - off to bed with me so I can be all rested and lovely for meeting up with my runner girls in the morning...


  1. It kinda looks like a torture chamber ;)

  2. lol...guess it depends. The first TRX class I tood, the instructor knew I wanted to get a thorough introduction. I could barely walk for the next 3 days. The next time, it was as part of a bootcamp circuit and I fell in love :) For such a simple device - it is really an amazingly versatile thingamajig :)


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