Sunday, August 21, 2011

Edmonton Half Marathon 2011

Ok - no time to write a full race recap tonight.  I am soooo exhausted from running 29K total and then driving the 4 hours home.  But it will be up in a couple of days.

I just thought I'd post the highlights.
  • I ran 8K prior to the half so I could get in 29K for the day
  • It was really bloody hot out there (30*C day)
  • I was aiming for 2:45 to keep me nice and 2:47:17 (thanks to the sheer number of portapotties on course - score!) 
  • Ran near the back of the pack...won't be doing that again...
Fun fact: I did go my usual pace until the turnaround point, but then the heat and my brain decided that I should really stick to my 2:45 goal so I wouldn't finish dead.

and in the end...I got this lovely bauble for around my neck...not a bad way to do 29K in marathon training :)  I felt like an Olympian when they guy put it over my head :)

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