Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crazy, Messed-up Mommy

It was much easier to ignore my kids screaming before they started addressing us.

I think the lack of sleep is getting to me.  For the last few nights, Doodle has decided that 1am is snack time...only she won't admit it outright.  All she does is SCREAM and scream and scream and SCREAM.  It always ends the same way, though...she finally whispers "toast" and I make her toast, she devours it, chugs some water and then falls into a coma until morning.   If I try to make that toast at the start of the episode, however...it is NOT what she wants and it gets thrown across the room.  So I sit for an hour waiting for that whisper.  The big problem, however (as if the lack of sleep wasn't enough) is that she managed to wake her sister in the process so I have two screaming toddlers...one who wants toast and just doesn't know it yet...and one who is tired and just wants to go back to bed...but not until her sister does.   Ah fun times.  Last night, it was the entire family sitting up at 2 am going through this episode.   Made me realize we may be in serious need of a night duty schedule for me and the hubs or we will never be guaranteed the freedom to sleep.

Really, though, these night interruptions may actually be driving me crazy.  I've been having silly thoughts like "Perhaps I should just run an extra 8K after that half marathon on Sunday and call it my 29K run".   It would just add an hour to my overall running time and I'd get a medal partway through the run...

and then I remember the steep, long hills that surround my in-laws acreage and think I may be insane to want to do 8K on that.

Then I realize - "Hey - the half is right in Edmonton...I could just run there"

and then I remember that I really don't know Edmonton...at all.  there might be murderers there who prey on crazy, lost mommies....

Yep - the lack of sleep might be making me insane.  It's definitely got me crossing the border toward crazy, though...

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