Monday, August 22, 2011

After the 29K

Well - I must admit that I am feeling pretty great after my 29K yesterday.  I was feeling a bit stiff when I went to bed last night but that seems to have passed overnight and today I am feeling good.  Much better than I expected, considering how I felt after 27K last week.

Here's what I am considering to be the things that have helped this time:

1. Taking it easy on that half marathon.  The slower pace and longer walk breaks really helped save me.
2. Putting my feet up on the dash for the entire trip home (4 hours in the car).  Having them elevated must be what's helped with keeping my feet from swelling
3. Wearing my vibrams around once we got home - whenever I have post-running foot pain, I've started wearing these and it goes away. 
4. Icing my shin - I had some pain in my right shin last night (felt like I'd been whacked by a baseball bat) and so I iced it while watching True Blood and the pain is gone now
5. Advil and early to bed - I was in bed around 9 last night and fell into a coma.  Woke up feelin great.

I survived my second longest run in this training plan and am not questioning my decision to run this Full in October.  That is huge for me because I was sure the longer distances would make me scared...but now I feel like I can definitely do this.   42.2K in 47 days.  Ready or, wait.  There is no NOT in this equation...I am so gonna be ready!   It's all mental at this point...and taper starts in 2 weeks! Yay!!!

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