Wednesday, August 3, 2011

About my Recent Runs

I've had a couple of longer runs this past week that I actually took pictures of...but my houseguest-induced absence has kept me from posting about them.

Last Thursday, I decided to make up for my skipped 8K on Tuesday and just head out and run 10K while I had Gramma here to babysit.   I had heard that it was 10K to loop Chestermere Lake so that's where I headed.  It was my first time around the lake and I can see myself using that as a quick, solo 10K run in the future.  It is really pretty (when you are actually in sight of the lake - much of it runs through residential).

I was happy to see a large family of geese all swimming together :)

And to discover the peace of a weekday morning on an empty trail  It was exactly what I needed.  I also really liked leaving the pavement for a while on this little shale trail that ran along the turnaround.

And then there was Saturday.   Saturday morning, I headed out to run my longest run EVER.  24K.  I ended up going solo for it,but that was okay in the end.   I had planned to go out 6K in one direction and then turn around and run back to my car to swap my water bottles before heading out for 6K in the other direction.   2.5K into the run, I changed my mind.  I decided that if I got to my car - I might not head out again so I kept going.  I ran right to the north entrance into the Weaselhead and then turned around.  So pretty at the 9K mark.

It was the Multiple Miles for Myeloma race in North Glenmore park so I was turning around right as the racers were heading out.  I refilled my water bottles at the water fountain there and then I ran back the way I came. When I got to the overpass that I would take during stampede Road race - I crossed over Glenmore and headed into relatively unknown territory.  I was going on a wish and a prayer that it would bring me the last 12K that I needed to complete my distance that day.

Right as I was passing the Athletic Park, the mower hit a sprinkler head.  Fun little geyser.  Hopefully it wasn't too much of a cleanup effort.

I ran right through to the entrance to River Park where 14th street ends and then cut through the park.   I crossed this little footbridge before I entered the dog park.

Let me tell ya - any solo, long run I have going forward will be going through the dog park.  So fun.  I got to make new canine friends along the way and my legs appreciated the gravel path.   At one point, there was this incredible view:

Then I refilled at the best water fountain ever - it had a top basin for people and a lower basin for doggies!  Ingenious! I wish I'd taken a picture!

I ended up out of the dog park far too soon, but I was in the final stretch for my run...only 5-6K left to go and I could almost taste the end.  I was going slow but I was feeling good and I kept plodding onward.   Soon, I was coming in for a landing and I still needed to make up another kilometre so I headed out to 90th ave and did a little out and back to finish.   It was a great run.

Running that kind of distance on my own will prepare me mentally for what is to come in October.  I'd still rather run with my Runner Girls, but it's good to know I can do it solo :)

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