Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Workout Wednesday: Running in the Rain

It's been a damp week 'round these parts. (Not that I'm complaining - I just seeded a new part of my lawn and this just saves on the water bill)...but I am also in the midst of marathon training. So I guess It's time to run in the rain.

So far this week, I've been lucky. The rain has hit either just before or just after my runs. I've had the puddles, cool and humidity, but none of the discomfort and stickiness. Unfortunately, I've also had the mosquitoes.

In an attempt to give some beautiful perspective to running in the rain - I decided to not focus on the down sides, but instead to encourage us to think about the positives of running in the rain...that way when we are each faced with a little drizzle on run day - we can look forward to it instead of avoiding it.

1) How often do you get to run and play in the rain anymore? There is something almost childishly fun about it once you get past the first drenching. You're already wet so WHY NOT - jump and splash in that puddle anyway!

2) No mosquitoes! Sure, they will be there when the downpour ceases...but they aren't likely to suck you dry while the water is falling :)

3) Any mud stuck in the treads of your shoes will get washed away (doesn't apply if you're trail running in the rain)

4) Your runners were too white anyway :)

5) You don't get to choose race day weather so you might as well embrace running in all conditions

6) It's nice to run in cooler temperatures in July...even if they are a bit damp

7) You won't get all sweaty as it's being washed away instantly

8) You can see exactly how good your washing machine really is (as noted in my foamy knees at the end of Footstock)

9) You can sing in the rain while you run...people watching from their windows already think you're crazy for just being out in it...might as well not disappoint!

10) 5 words - hot shower after the run. Sooooo goooood.

So - are you looking forward to your next rainy day run? I know I am :)


  1. Excellent! I have to admit, I don't do well in really strong downpour, but I don't mind a little rain. (I put my Iphone in a plastic bag!) But I really like your positive perspective... and you're right- that hot shower will be AMAZING :-)

  2. One of the first runs I went on it started to poor rain, I loved it. I felt like I went faster for some reason. I loved it. I jumped over puddles so it worked my muscles a different way and the hot shower after was amazing :)

  3. I ran in the rain early this spring and it ended up being one of my best runs! It was wonderful!


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