Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Techy Tuesday: Werx eReader Cover

Since I got my Kobo Touch, I've been using it in my M-Edge Sony Cover.  It fit...kinda...but not great.   The Sony is a larger device so the Kobo fit loosely. My thinking was that it would work until M-Edge released a cover for the Kobo Touch.  I wrote to them to see when it would be in the online store and was told they have no plans to make one!   Eeek!  So the search was on.   I don't like the covers they sell at Chapters.   They are kind of blah looking and, while I'm sure they work perfectly fine, they aren't for me.  The M-Edge cover was going to have to keep going for me.

In the past week, however, it has been getting ejected into my bag.  My heart would take a leap into my throat every time I found it out of it's cover.   I knew this Kobo cover thing was becoming a bit of an urgent matter.

Turning to my best friend, Google, I started searching for aftermarket covers.   The Best Buy site kept coming up in these searches and the brand they were selling was called "Werx".  Search after search, looking for reviews on this brand brought up nothing. But I liked the cute designs that they had and I figured it was worth popping into the store to see in person.

The packaging on the cover says they fit a variety of readers and the cover is certainly long enough to accommodate a Kindle or a previous version of Kobo, though I am not sure how well the elastics inside the cover would stretch to secure these.   It is more of a universal cover design than a Kobo Touch-specific one.

They come in a couple of cute prints as well as a plain leather cover.  I decided to go with cute and bought the green and white polka dot one.   It is fabric with leather trim and suede lining.  On the interior, there is a pocket to hold whatever you need it to.  Unlike the M-Edge cover - it is just one large pocket, instead of smaller card-specific ones.  

So far, I like the cover.  It protects my reader and the elastic straps hold the corners tightly.  One of the straps does cover the power switch on the top, but it can still be easily used without moving the strap.  My main concern with it is that I'm not sure how the fabric will look after a month or two of bouncing around in my bag.  I actually invested in some Scotch Gard spray to treat it and prevent stains.  A couple of coats later, I think it should go a long way to keeping that white nice and white.

In a pinch, though, this cover is a winner.  If M-Edge releases Kobo Touch covers - I'll buy one in a heartbeat...but for now, this one works great for me.

 Edited (Wed, July 27): Ok - so I stumbled upon a different cover today that really really liked so have decided to return this one after all.   The one I found was half the price and has so many great features for the Kobo.  I can't wait to share that one with you all once it arrives.   I liked this Werx one...but it wasn't ever quite right.  The new one that is on it's way is almost perfect.  You'll see :)  (If you follow me on Twitter - I already posted the link)

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