Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Techy Tuesday: Cozi for Blackberry

Yes - I missed my MOMday post yesterday...but this one kind of fits both categories :)

At long last it has arrived!  Cozi Family Organizer is now available for the Blackberry.  And I am willing to go out on a limb and say it was defintiely worth the wait.

Last week, Cozi announced it on their blog and I immediately rushed over to app world to download it.  The mpobile site just did not cut it for my needs.  Sure, it allowed me to check and update my shopping lists and to see what was on the calendar...but not being able to add appointments was beyond frustrating and I found myself reverting to paper more and more over the last month and updating it when I got to a desktop.

Now I can put away the paper and get back to organizing digitally.

I have reviewed Cozi in the past so I am not going to get into the specifics about how it works...this is just going to focus on the Blackberry app.

First things first, you are looking at basic functionality of cozi.  You can view and update the calendar, manage your to-do lists and view and update your shopping lists.  That is about it.  You cannot update settings or add to the journal from your Blackberry.   It is essentially only the things that you might actually need to access when you are on the go.   For my needs, the functionality is perfect.  I don't want to fritter around much on a teeny screen and qwerty.  I can do the bigger things when I get home.


The calendar gives you a month by month view.  You can access different months from a little drop down at the top of the screen.  Another dropdown along the top allows you to move to a different section of the app.  To add a calendar item, there is a small + sign at the top right corner of the screen. (It did screw me up a bit yesterday when I needed to add an appointment at the Children's Hospital...I knew the functionality was there but had yet to use it...I ended up getting a paper reminder and then figuring it out in the car.   Next time, I'll be able to just add it right there.

To Do

A small drop down at the top of the screen lists all of the lists you have.  You can add and delete or check things off.  Simple.

Shopping lists
Again, the dropdown along the top lists all of your shopping lists (I tend to have separate lists for each store we frequent so I will be able to just pull up the one I need when I am in the store).  You can then add, delete or check off items as you go.

Cozi did good with this one.  It is really simple, but it is enough to help keep a mom organized on-the-go.  Good Job, Cozi.  I'm so happy to finally have this in my hands! 

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