Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Techy Tuesday: Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp

I had really hoped I'd be able to review the Cozi App for Blackberry today but, alas, it has yet to be released (despite a promise of end of June).

So, instead, I am going to take a moment to tell y'all about some runner tech - my fabulous running headlamp.   When I hauled my butt out of bed to hit the road at 4am, I realized that that small window I may have had 2 weeks ago of the sky being light enough at that time...had closed.   It is now dark at 4am again and I needed to have that headlamp.

Luckily, I had charged it up not long ago.

The Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp is specifically designed for running.  It can be used for other purposes too, of course, but the features are meant for runners.  It has a bright LED lamp on the front and another light (this one is red) on the back which can be set to shine steadily or to blink.   The headband is fully adjustable and there is another strap that runs over the top of your head to hold it steady as you run. 

The front light is VERY bright and can be tilted up or down to adjust the beam (and avoid blinding drivers when you look at them).   The red light in the back makes you very visible at eye level to drivers...just make sure you keep your hair off of it for safety sake. It is definitely not as visible when if your hair tends to come untucked from the band and covers it.

This headlamp is definitely a study in function over style.  You are not going to win any beauty contests if you run around in this thing - as noted in my photo below. But, unshowered at 4am, I'm a little more concerned with the cars not mistaking me for a speed bump to care about how it looks.

Aren't I a vision of loveliness after 5K at 4am?   eek.
It takes a couple of runs to get it adjusted right for your needs.  Sure, you can adjust it in the mirror all you want, but until you are out running you won't know how tight you need it.  Once it's adjusted, though, it is a very comfortable headlamp.   I also have a Petzl Tikka lamp and comparing the two is no comparison at all.  The Tikka bounces an incredible amount and I found I would need to adjust it regularly throughout my runs.  This one goes on and stays put...allowing you to get on with your run in safety.

It is not a cheap headlamp - be forewarned.  This baby set us back around $70.  That being said, though, if you live in an area where morning runs can be plagued by darkness for much of the year, it pays for itself the first time a car moves over a bit to allow you safe passage.  When hubby bought it - I complained about the price until that first time...now I just shut up and run :)

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