Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SWOOPED..they did it again...

(Oh yes.  I went there)

Ok - so I hemmed and hawwed about even attempting it in the heat tonight and finally decided that I would rather run than get on the bike...I even put on a running skirt in an attempt to stay a bit cooler (ya - the ol' thighs aren't quite ready for that yet.  Almost though.  Chub rub was much reduced from my last attempt at a skirt)

Hitting the road, I was happily running alongfor the first couple of kilometres.  Then the third hit...did you notice how the bad stuff always comes at the third K?   SWOOP!  Another of the damn blackbirds swooping at my head.   I could see the kilometre ahead that I had planned into my route and there was no way I was chancing it.   I turned around right there and hightailed it back to civilization.  The thing is that I planned this route because it was off the highway and still in residential neighbourhoods...but this blackbird apparently likes that for his nest.  Grrrr.

So, in the end, my run came out at 6K...not exactly what I had in mind for tonight but I'll take it.  

and now you guys don't have to yell at me for skipping :)

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