Friday, July 8, 2011

Stampede Road Race: The SWAG!

I popped on over to Strides Running Store in Marda Loop tonight to pick up my package for the Stampede Road Race half on Sunday.  In addition to my lovely race number and shoe chip (YAY - no bib chip! Something Running Room could stand to learn), I also got a shirt and an assortment of Honey Stinger products.

The shirt:   It's a Puma shirt so decent quality though it looks like a really small fit on the ladies sizing.  I am glad I chose a large.  I am also questioning the race director's choice of pink accents on the ladies shirt.  Ya - I get it.  Pink = girls.   I guess.   But the logo is blue and green...wouldn't a blue or green accent have been a better choice?   They posted a pic of the men's shirt on twitter and it has white as the accent and looks quite sharp.   This one looks poorly planned.  Ah well...there's always next year if I run the race again.

The food:  There were full size samples of the honey stingers chews, a honey waffle and a protein bar.  Looking forward to snacking on these :)

There was also an assortment of flyers in the envelope - some for services, some for races.   Just the usual schtuff.

Anyhoo - I'm exhausted from shoveling gravel for 2 hours this afternoon so I am heading to my soft, comfy bed to read and listen to the storm that's about to descend...


  1. I like the shirt, even if it does have pink on it, though I am learning to embrace pink since I had a girl. I have been a pink hater my whole life. Good luck on the race!

  2. I don't know why I didn't see this sooner...

    Everyone says it will win me over as well - with two girlies in the house - but not yet. It's taken two years but I notice people aren't spitefully buying us pink anymore - opting instead for turquoises and violets. When the twinners weer first born - we'd get 2 identical pink outfits and it drove me crazy! I did, however, cave to allow SOME pink. As long as it's not the main colour, then they can wear it. I just won't have cotton candy babies. And I won't ever wear it


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