Thursday, July 14, 2011

A new address :)

We now have a domain name!

I've been waffling back and forth on whether to register a real domain name for this little blog.  Today, I figured I would take the leap, spend the $10 and git 'er done! 

That's me :)   It may take a few days for it to be active everywhere, but it is the new address. I'm also working on a new design for the site, but with my busy life that may take a while to get on here...

Don't worry if you are subscribed to the old blogspot will redirect so you don't need to worry about updating your feed reader.  It will just be easier to send the link out to your friends now (in case you felt so inclined to share... hint, hint)


  1. Love it! I've been contemplating a new name/domain as well. I have .... but what happens when I do my full? I guess I didn't realize there would be more than one half marathon in my life! lol .... yes.... need some time to get creative!


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