Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This morning, when we were driving into the city, the CBC news announced that the town of Lacombe was practically washed away in the rain last night.

Hubby and I immediately looked at each other. We were both thinking

a) hope my parents are ok
b) we are going to Lacombe this weekend...hope we still have a place to stay
c) hope the race routes for our 5k & 10K on Sunday aren't washed away

I sent my folks an email in the morning and hadn't received a response by noon so I called my dad. Anyway - we established fairly quickly that the town had not washed away...the media outlets are all being drama queens again. My parents place wasn't affected by the flooding at all so we won't need a dinghy to get there on Friday.

The race route, on the other hand, is now changed. I admit, I hadn't looked too closely at the first route other than to make sure I didn't have to run up the hell hill into College Heights. Now I am looking at this one and I am seeing a few places where I think I remember there being other hell hills. They don't call the area College HEIGHTS without good reason LOL.

The map they sent wouldn't show elevation so I put it into MapMyRun and was relieved to see that there is only a moderate elevation change. Flat is always better as far as I'm concerned so here's hoping that elevation is accurate. If there is a hell hill in there, I'm going to cry...

Now, here's hoping the monster mosquitoes that likely live around those lakes don't feel hungry for O neg!


  1. Glad your parents are okay! They had to change the route for the 1/2 marathon and 10k this weekend due to flooding and an oil spill. I think I like the changed route better. They are both out and backs but the original was rolling hills both ways and the new has four miles worth of mostly gradual uphill with a few tough parts followed by all downhill for the last 6 miles. Ahh that will feel so good, if I do it!

  2. Flooding AND an oil spill! Yikes. I think it's good that I don't remember the first route so I can pretend I like this one better :) Good luck this weekend!

  3. Yeah, I wasn't too happy to see a re-route for Lacombe ... definitely worried about those mosquitoes too!!!


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