Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Amazing Recharge

It's incredible the difference a week can make.  Last week, I was lamenting how I'd been running alone.  Yesterday I had a fantastic run with one of my runner girls, C.  My adjusted training plan had me going 22K so I headed out for 7 K solo and then met up with C at Glenmore Landing.   Our intention was to complete the 15K loop of the reservoir and then finish up with coffee.  We were only a few kilometres in when suddenly our plans were thwarted.  The path was closed at the entrance to the Weaselhead.  I'm guessing the path finally fell away down there, since it had partially collapsed a couple of weeks ago (it took me until this morning to realize that that was probably the reason).  Luckily, there is a path down toward Fish Creek from there so we decided we'd go 6K down the path then turn around and head back.

Gabbing and gabbing as we went, I felt so much of the negativity, that had been clinging to me lately, start to fall away.   Our walk breaks went a little longer and we \took them whenever we needed to.  We watched the kids on their bikes and the dogs in the dog park.  We ran until we hit Anderson and then decided to loop around toward T'sui Tina instead of crossing over.  Unfortunately the path ended soon after.  So we stopped for a little stretch and a breather and then turned to head back (it was close to our 6K turnaround plan anyway). 

The sky was darkening and we felt that sharp cool of impending rain hit us as we headed back.   Luckily it wasn't a downpour, but the sprinkles served to cool us off as we entered the homestretch.

A leisurely 2 hour coffee later, we headed our separate ways.   The total run time for what amounted to just over a half marathon for me: 2:40 ish.   How recharged I felt as I turned to the highway to head home: priceless.   It was such a great run and I am so happy that I could connect with one of my runner girls again.   It was exactly the thing I needed to give me some perspective...and to make me look forward to running again.

Thanks C - you're the best!

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