Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yay! Found a dress!

Sleeveless - check!
V-neck - nope - but flattering slight scoop instead
higher waist with defined band - check! (ish)
slightly flared skirt that will swing a little - check!
hits right around the knee - check!
Navy or Turquoise or something - Basic LBD all the way.
Classic, but modern looking. - Check!

Now for the big question - how much did it break the bank?

Um...$18. Yes - you read right. It only cost me EIGHTEEN DOLLARS! I had just left a bridal place that had nothing for me and wandered into a consignment store. They had a ton of dresses (mostly higher end stuff) and suddenly I stumbled upon this little Gap beauty. I was hesitant to go black for a wedding but, let's face it, I'm down to the wire here. I figure I will jazz it up with accesories.

And to blow me away...it's a size 6! Eeeeeee!

Good thing the dress was so cheap though, because the shoes I fell in love with were Stuart Weitzman....

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