Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wrapping up the June Challenge

As a peer sheepishly around the corner, I have to admit that I didn't do so hot on the willpower front. 

Don't drink calories wherever possible - want a latte?  Drink tea.

Okay - so I didn't do very well with this one until the end of the month.   I probably would have been fine if I'd just left my coffee mug at home.  Finding out that the Good Earth Cafe on the main floor of my new office building discounts for bringing your own mug meant I brought my own and got one.  

BUT - I did finish the month with a bang.  The last 5 days of the month, I went latte-less and it didn't kill me.   In fact, I enjoyed my tea a great deal and I am going to try to maintain that.

No candy - no matter how yum it is, you have that gut for a reason and it is spelled c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e.

This one was a bit easier than I expected it to be.  I really only splurged on Candy 3 times.  Twice, because I really just wanted chocolate and the last time because it was the True Blood Premiere and I happened to be at Cross Iron Mills and saw the candy store that has the choco-dipped licorice.  Yum.   It was worth it.   If I can seriously go a month without gorging myself several times a week on choco-love, then I am sure not going to feel bad about three splurges.

Chips, on the other hand.  Buying chips for the true Blood premiere was a problem.  I wanted to snack on them all the time.  

Whole foods wherever possible.  Enjoy healthy foods prepared simply.

We ate a bit more convenience food than I would have liked, but I did make an extra effort to have fresh veggies and fruit in my meals.  

Stick to the calorie allowance in Lose It My Fitness Pal.  Don't cheat and eat up your exercise

Moving to the My Fitness Pal app did reduce my daily calories and, for the first couple of weeks using the app, I did eat up the calories my exercise earned me...but toward the end of the month (particularly in the final 4 day blast off) I stuck to what I was told and, even with a couple of potato chips thrown into the snack, I managed to stay within the allowance and burn off some extra.  Yay me!

Join a TRX class in Langdon one day a week

Did it.  Loved it.  Am shopping on Kijiji to find myself a TRX for home.  The thing that surprised me about signing up for this class is how much I ended up enjoying doing the boot camp with other moms.   We live in a little teeny town and I really didn't know many people there, but now I do.   My fitness goals are different from theirs and I'm not sure I see myself going for coffee with them anytime soon, but that weekly class was just nice to get out and do something different.

I am taking July off from the class so I can focus my Wednesdays on some race pace training, but I think I may actually go back in August and make it a part of my weekly workout.

Make cross training count...Bike plus core or plyo on Mon/Fri

Not as great as I wanted to be with this one.  My Wednesday class, however, ended up being more than just TRX and was a boot camp that incorporated core and plyo into the workout.  I think the one intense core/plyo workout a week was about all I could really handle.  

Running 3 times a week (two shorter weekday runs plus my long run on Saturday)

Um.  Ya.   Not so much :(  I did keep up my long runs - I ran a half plus a couple of 10K runs and a solo 18K...on Saturdays.  My weekday runs suffered.  I'm doing well with it this last week of the month, though.  I'll definitely be trying to get them in over the summer.

So that, in a nutshell, was June.   The month really flew by and I am ending it 4lbs lighter than I started it.   I tried to find my little calendar so I could update it, but I fear I may have accidentally cleaned house on that folder on this computer and swept it out with the rest of the junk :(   Suffice it to say - I think I definitely hit over half of my targeted workouts for the month and I'd say that's pretty good.

Now I need to come up with some sort of fabulous plan for July to keep the momentum going.   I already know this weekend is going to be stupid because tomorrow is Canada Day and I plan to enjoy the day with my family and eat whatever I please :P  and then Saturday is my friend's wedding.  I can't remember if I RSVP'd as a vegetarian, so it might be easier than I think to stick to my diet if all I can eat is salad :)

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what my plan is for July 3rd onward.

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