Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekly Update - June 5/11

Oops..forgot to do one last week.  Guess my brain must have just rolled the thought of it into the month end one!

This week brought on my June challenge to kickstart myself in every way to lose the last 10lbs.

The highlights?

  • Ate fairly well.  Tried to moderate myself, starting with lighter breakfasts.
  • Unfortunately am not doing well with the "stop drinking my calories" part of it all.  I <3 my lattes a bit too much.  Am working on weaning to tea, though and will hopefully be there by Monday.
  • DID NOT BUY ANY CANDY (well, after June 1...but that is REAL progress)
  • Treated myself to a few new workout outfits to get me motivated to use them
  • Joined Get Fit Langdon to take a weekly TRX class - got a really good intro and am looking forward to next week's class
  • Was too sore Thurs/Fri to workout at all. 
  • Ran 6K in Cochrane with JS on a misty, rainy Sunday.  We took a wrong turn off next week's race course, but half way up the hill on that detour, we were rewarded with two gorgeous deer bounding across the road. (I wish I'd been quicker and gotten my camera out) Well, worth the unplanned hill.   This trip to Cochrane also introduced us to a kick-ass sports centre out there that I plan to take hubby and the twinners to to play in the gymnastics pits!
As for weight loss...
...not one friggin pound.  But this week is another week and I will strive to do better. 

So - goals for next week...
  • Move weekday runs to the morning.  Sure it will be SUPER EARLY (like 4am) but I need to get them in and that is the time that is going to work best to ensure it happens.  I may move my other workouts to then as well.
  • Keep up with the June goals. 
  • Scale back the intensity of the lower body exercises in my TRX class for this week so my legs can be saved for my half!
  • Carb-load within reason
  • Drink my weight in water every day so I am hydrated enough.  Ok - maybe not THAT much...but get better at drinking the H2O at work because I am really sucking at it.
  • Bring my lunches to work.  I've been eating out since I moved to the new office.  I need to get off that track. I bought so many fresh veggies this weekend that there is no excuses!  Today I plan to pre-cook a bunch of lunches so I can just grab and go.  Eating out for lunches all week is kind of what doomed me last week.
  • Running analysis clinic on Friday
  • Run an awesome half marathon on Saturday!

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  1. Great goals. I need to work on the Carb loading within reason too. Good Luck with your half marathon this weekend!!!


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