Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekly Update - June 27/11

I meant to write this yesterday, but didn't get a chance.

My June Challenge is going to hell in a handbasket.  I had GREAT intentions and lattes were my downfall.   Overall did I eat better?  Sure.   Well - not counting my binge last night to ring in the new season of True Blood.   But in general I'm not doing too bad.  I've lost 3.5lbs, which is always a good thing.   Overall, though, it's been a tough month in my world and the June challenge has not been in the front of my mind.

With 4 days left in June, though, I am issuing myself a mini-challenge.  If I can't exercise a little willpower for 4 days then there is something seriously wrong with me.   For my 4 day challenge, I will be sticking to my June challenge.  No straying AT ALL.

  •     Don't drink calories wherever possible - want a latte?  Drink tea.
  •     No candy - no matter how yum it is, you have that gut for a reason and it is spelled c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e.
  •     Whole foods wherever possible.  Enjoy healthy foods prepared simply.
  •     Stick to the calorie allowance in Lose It.  Don't cheat and eat up your exercise
  •     Join a TRX class in Langdon one day a week - last class is Wednesday (then I need to decide if I will sign up for July)
  •     Make cross training count...Bike plus core or plyo on Mon/Fri
  •     Running 3 times a week (two shorter weekday runs plus my long run on Saturday)

I can so do this.   Even if it's just to prove to myself that I have SOME willpower left.

As for this last week - I sucked royally on the workout front.  I think I did 1 bike workout on Wednesday, a core class on Thursday and an 18K run on Saturday.   Not really a great week on that.  I did rock that 18K solo - so that should say something...but my heart wasn't in the working out last week.   Don't even talk to me about the eating.   I stayed okay for most of the days, but chocolate dipped licorice and fresh potato chips killed me Sunday night.   Ok - and maybe takeout pizza did too.  It wasn't a pretty sight.  Yummy, yes.  But not a pretty sight at all.  Especially in the eyes of my challenge.

So - what do I think are the things that made it hard for me to concentrate on this challenge?  It's hard to say.  I have really been missing my kids this month.   In May, the novelty of having kid-free days carried me through.  Now - I am missing the snuggles and love.  All I get now is the fighting and screaming.   For an hour or two a day that I get to spend with them - the reward just isn't there.   It's been weighing really heavilly on me and has been screwing up my focus in more than just my challenge.   My work is another one.   When I returned to work, I thought I was returning to WORK...but instead I returned to a workplace that wasn't prepared for me to be back.  I can't really say much more than that.  It's just been much harder than I thought it would be.   As a result...I'm more than a little depressed (not in a need to be medicated way - just not my usually happy go lucky me) and my focus has been more than a little off.

So - 4 more days.   I am so gonna rock these 4 days.  Then I will have a nice long run on Canada Day and celebrate my final 4 days by dancing all night at my friend's wedding on Saturday! It'll be a great way to bid farewell to June and greet July and all the summer adventures it will bring!

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