Monday, June 20, 2011

A Very Racy Morning

Ha ha - bet that got your attention!  All kidding aside, I had a very productive morning...registering for more races!

First, and most importantly, the one y'all have been waiting for me to announce.   I registered for my first full marathon!  On October 9, 2011, I will be lining up with a whole bunch of other crazy runners in Kelowna to run the BMO Okanagan Marathon!

In support for this goal, I also registered for two more half marathons

Intact Canadian Derby Edmonton Half Marathon (Aug 21/11)

Dinosaur Valley Half Marathon (Sept 11/11)

These will bring my total half marathon count to 7!!! Wowza!!! If you'd told me last year that by the end of 2011, I would have run at least 7 half marathons and one full - I'd have called you crazy to your face!  But here I am!   All registered for them all and ready to get serious about my training!

Wish me luck...and to all of those who register for Kelowna from this point onward...if it rains, you were forewarned! :P

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