Friday, June 3, 2011

Treating Myself

I often find it really hard to treat myself to anything.   New clothes.  Makeup.  Bras that fit.   Good shoes.  There is always something that seems more important.  While I was on leave and we were down to one income, my frugality really got a workout, but it wasn't much different than how I usually operated.   When I was setting up my work wardrobe for back to work - I was careful, but tried to get the best quality of whatever I needed so it would last.  As my friend J once told me on a run: "I'm to poor to buy cheap clothes" and it is something I need to keep reminding myself because she's 100% right!

As a wife and mom - I always seem to think of the rest of my family before I think of my own needs.  I will give myself time off, but I won't invest in myself.   It's completely wonkadoo.  This week, I decided that I deserved a few treats...and now that our household is seeing a nice infusion of money again (Amazing, how returning to work will do that), I did some shopping.

The first thing I did was order new makeup.  The makeup my skin likes (Everyday Minerals) isn't expensive, but it is only available by mail order out of the US.  Here's hoping the postal strike doesn't screw up the delivery since I'm running very low!

Next - I hit Lululemon.  My favourite Lulu tank is HUGE!  When I run in it, I can see the straps lifting off my shoulders in my shadow.   I don't have much in the chest region, but it was getting too big to support what I do have properly.  I have other tanks, and they work great for shorter runs...but for my long runs, I really like that Lulu tank.  My new office is walking distance from the downtown store so I headed over at lunch yesterday and loaded up a change room.   Unfortunately, my beloved Push UR Limits tank wasn't available in my size (and the current colours are unfortunate) so I had to branch out.  The other styles with built ins weren't all that flattering on me so I grabbed a bra and a shelfless tank.   Layered, they are super cute so I am looking forward to test driving!

Cool Racerback Tank and All Sport Bra

Then, it was on to Costco after work.  I love those capris that I picked up there and I wanted more!  NEEDED more!  I would live in them all the time if I could (too bad my office it more formal than that).  I picekd up two more pairs and then saw they had new tanks in stock, too!  I had tried on a really cute Blurr tank at MEC earlier in the week and these were almost the exact same style.  So I nabbed one of those too!

aww...blurry :(  What you can't really see is the little gathers in the racerback.  Super cute.

The purple ones are a slightly different style than my others...but still super comfy.

Honestly - when I got home and tried it on, I liked the fit so much that I will probably go back for a couple more this weekend.  At $14 each - they are a steal!  And super flattering, to boot.

And now for the biggest splurge..and, funny enough, the cheapest - I treated myself in a very different way.  I joined the gym in Langdon.   This one was hardest for me.   Years ago, I had a hankering to join a gym and I just couldn't bring myself to justify the cost.   Doing the math, I could see how much cheaper it would be to buy mats, dumbells and a ton of videos and workout in the comfort of my own home.   It is a system that has worked well for us over the years and we have a gorgeous little home gym that we a) don't have to pay a monthly fee for and b) don't have to go anywhere to use.   This is all well and fine until we reach the truth of the matter as it pertains to my own fitness:

I've become a cardio whore.  

I love my running.  I really like my bike.   I don't have the patience for a fitness video.  and I need strength training and amnot doing it.  For two years, my primary strenght training has consisted of hoisting growing twins up the stairs 400 times a day.

A few months ago, a bunch of us went togethe rto buy a friend of ours a TRX for her wedding shower.  Her enthusiasm for it made me want to try it out but I didn't want to spend the money only to discover I hated it.  I knew the local gym had TRX classes, but I wasn't ready to join and work out with other people.  Finally I decided to compromise with myself.  For ONE MONTH, I would take a weekly TRX class at the gym and decide if I liked it enough to buy one for home.

Wednesday night was the first class.  Because the instructor knew I wanted a good orientation to the TRX, she geared the glass to me.  For 45 minutes, I did pushups, pullups, chest flies, bicep curls, hamstring and thigh work.  She worked me over so thoroughly that I was rubbery mush when that class ended.  And I liked it!

We didn't do anything QUITE this advanced, but it gives the idea of what it is... (image from Our Fernie)

The TRX is such a simple concept.  I like that it engages the core throughout so I am getting that core workout that I need to help with my running.  I also like that all of my muscles are getting a workout.  What I'm not so big a fan of is the pain!!! OW OW OW OW!  Two days later - I am feeling every move.  Perhaps 45 straight minutes was a bit ambitious for a first class.  Or ever.  I liked the exercises themselves and how the difficulty can be modified to your level with just a little adjustment in the angle of your body.  I can honestly say I'd never had a workout like that before!  I think I might ask that next week's class we TRX interspersed with non-TRX just to keep me from hobbling for the next two days.

My butt is aching.  My inner and outer thighs are aching.  My biceps and triceps are aching.  And I am walking like I am much older than my 34 years.   One Wednesday down, four to go.   Momma's gonna have a new body by the end of the month :P

If I am still liking it at the end of the month,  I'm going to buy one.  Of course - I might just decide that treating myself to one class a week at a gym might end up growing on me.  Guess we'll see.

I guess the moral of this story is that even Momma deserves some treats once in a while.   Sure, mine are almost all fitness related but I'm cool with that.    It's all about keeping momma sane and momma's fitness is what does exactly that.

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