Monday, June 6, 2011

Really trying...

Ok - I admit it.  Today was the first day I really tried since my June challenge began.   After all of my spouting about how anyone can do anything for a short amount of time...I certainly wasn't.  But new week - new outlook.   The past is in the past.  I am raring to succeed so here I go.

Yesterday, as hard as it was, I didn't get myself a latte.  Sure, I had a pretty raring headache by dinnertime, but I was being stubborn and was determined to stick to my "don't drink your calories" goal.   With that little detox out of the way, the new week started to look up from a willpower perspective! 

Next up?  That 4am workout.  The alarm went off right at 4 (I just couldn't bring myself to set it for 3:55 to ensure my feet hit the floor at 4).  It took me a minute or two to realize what was happening, but by 4:06, my feet were on the floor and I was getting dressed to head down to our home gym.  With all of the bravery I had in my whole body, I pulled out the P90X folder and slid Plyo X out of the sleeve.   Once the DVD player had loaded it up - I hit play and told myself "Do what you can - at your own pace" and settled in for the workout.

To say it was challenging would be an undertstatement.  I was expecting impossible, but that was my "never tried a P90X video" brain talking.   With my Do what I can mindset - I was happy to jump (though not as high as the people on the video), modify where I needed to,  skip the stuff that I didn't feel ready for, and by the end I could see how building the power in my legs would certainly help my running.   I think it's safe to say I did a solid half of the video.   Someday, maybe I'll be able to do it all, but for now, I'm happy with that.  Hours later - I am feeling what little I did my ABS!   Yowza!  

(Score: +1 for sticking to workout plan)

Once me and the twins were ready to go, we sat down for breakfast.  I've been aiming to lower the calorie count of my breakfast so have been skipping my favourite peanut butter oatmeal (I do miss it).  Instead, I prepared myself a whole wheat bagel slathered with peanut butter.  My daughters plowed through their PB English Muffin and were quickly begging for my other bagel half so I conceded and gave them each half.   Instead of figuring out what kind of pastry that might afford me later in the morning, I conscoiously decided to hit safeway and grab some fruit to munch on at my desk (a nice advantage tot he new office is that it is right across from a grocery store).

(Score: +1 for smart breakfast choices)

Then we were on our way.  It was pouring out so we decided to try to get an early start on the commute in case drivers were being idiots today.  After a fairly smooth sail into the city (er, maybe a poor choice of words for a rainstorm - we didn't ACTUALLY sail), we were ridiculously early.  I dropped off the kids and hubby and headed to our new parking garage near my office, leaving me 25 mins earlY!  Normally, I would easilly kill this time standing in line at Starbucks (also conveniently located across the street from my new office)...but uh uh lattes.  Time to pull out the ol' tea mug and make myself a cuppa mint at the instant hot water tap on our coffee machine. While I was in the kitchen, I also filled up my water bottle - I think I need to drink one bottle in the morning and one in the afternoon)

(Score: +2 for no liquid calories AND starting to hydrate properly)

By lunch, I was ravenous (I did eat a banana halfway through the morning, but still, must add more protien to breakfast).  But I had brought my lunch today and moseyed on over to our floors kitchen to heat up my grainy, legumey, veggie filled soup.  The soup was quite disgusting, so I had to wander to find something to make up for the half of it I threw away.  Enter: cheese bun.  Not really the best choice but I was short on time and it hit the spot.  As a side dish, I had some of the yummy Falafel chips that I found at Community Natural and a couple tablespoons of hummus. 

(Score: +2 for bringing a healthy lunch and snack, -1 for choosing a cheese bun)

Then it was out for a short walk to run errands...To MEC to see about a new sports bra. Then to Safeway to pick up some Fig Newtons for my race this weekend (mmmm, fuel).  Last stop to pick up the dry cleaning and then back to work for the afternoon.

I was smart and saved a second banana for the mid-afternoon munchies.  Was I smart enough to eat said banana?  Sure.  Did I happen to nosh on a couple of fig newtons as well?  Damn, you know me too well...

(Score: +1 for smart snacking, -0.5 for fig newtons)

Then, it was time to go home.   I picked up the pace to get me back to the parking garage (it helped that it was raining)

Dinner was a bowl full of my Marvelous Meatless Chili that I had pulled out of the freezer last night.  I added a quick sprinkle of white cheddar to it and quickly snarfed it all down :)  Another of those buns fell into my plate too, but it was ok.  Still lighter than the load of bread and butter I would have used...kinda.

(Score: +1 for a relatively healthy dinner and not mopping up the chili with 4 slices of bread)

After the girlies were in bed, I decided to hop on the bike for a bit...might as well get some more calories burned - I'm determined to succeed this month (even though I had a bit of a rough start).

(Score: +1 for fitting in an extra workout)

Now it's time to head to bed.  

Total score for the day?   7.5 points!  Not too shabby.  Definitely something to aspire to on future days of this challenge.

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