Monday, June 27, 2011

New Shoes

My running shoes usually give me a lot of notice before they crap out on me. Usually in the way of foot pain. I think this is just because I wear such a cushy shoe that when the midsole is gone and the cushioning is pounded out - my feet are taking the brunt of it. Last week, I wore the older of two pairs for 10K and confirmed that they were shot. This week, for my solo 18K, I wore my much newer pair and was quite alarmed at how hard it was on my feet. Suddenly, I was faced with needing two new pairs of shoes. Oh - and less than 2 weeks until my next half marathon so I needed at least one of those pairs FAST. I need time to break them in a bit before I pound out 21.1 in them!

Normally, I buy my shoes online. I say with great pride that I have never paid over $35 + shipping on a pair of runners yet. But right now, Canada Post is on strike. I either needed to buy in a store or buy online for shipping to a store.

So, yesterday, I went shopping. I decided to go to the Running Room and try on everything they had in an 11 to see if there was anything that would be a) cheap and b) work for me.

Boy, have my Nike vomeros spoiled me. They are so cushy and just feel great. They didn't have them in my size so I tried on 5 other pairs. The closest to what I wanted was a pair of Asics. But they were PINK! I keep telling myself that one day I will be stuck with pink shoes because that will be all that is available when I am shopping. I just couldn't do it, though. I told the sales lady that I was going to need to walk around and think about them for a bit and, if I thought I could do it, I'd be back for them.

ya - I couldn't do it. I know. I know. They are runners. They are for function. They are to get me from point A to point B. You only wear them for maybe 6 months then they go away. Shut up and just buy the pink ones already. Nope. Still couldn't do it. I just really don't like pink.

I didn't go back and then I went home quite dejected that I didn't have new runners with me.

Next stop - online. Let's see if I can pick up anything out of the Running Room's clearance section and have it shipped to the Eau Claire store. Presumably this shipping would be done by courier so we wouldn't be at the mercy of the Canada Post strike. Deep breath and - CLICK. Well, lookey here. Nike Vomero 5 in size was my lucky day! I quickly clicked to buy and set up to have them shipped to Eau Claire.

This morning when I woke up...I was greeted by the news that the postal strike was over...and saw that there were lots of super deals on ebay again.



  1. Ok - bought myself a lovely pair of Purple asics as well from my favourite guy on Ebay. Now momma should be set for runners for a few months....

  2. I buy cheap on ebay too. It seems like a waste to spend more in the store, I am on a budget.


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