Monday, June 27, 2011

MOMday: The Mommy's Guide to Weight Loss

Sometimes my brain takes random walks into hilarity and I end up finding inspiration where I least expect to. Today, I was pondering the number of running momma blogs that I follow and how a common thread right now seems to be stagnating weight loss. Heck - I'm there too (hence the June Challenge). As my mind wandered, I thought of a few ways that only a mommy could lose weight...

Disclaimer: note the sound as I firmly plant my tongue into my cheek....

1) Instead of cleaning off their plates - feed them off yours!
How gross is it to eat the food your kid slobbered on off his plate when he's done. Instead, dish up your own plate and feed him spoonfulls off of it. Less for you and he still gets fed. (I actually do this one - though my kids are garberators - they eat theirs THEN they eat mine. It's how I sneak veggies into them)

2) Strength Training with Kids
Muscles burns fat, right? So - hefting your 6 year old around is actually getting in another workout. To heck with letting them walk on their own...teetering down the stairs with 50lbs in your arms is just another way to fit in a workout. Remember to switch sides regularly so you won't start looking lop-sided! This is the advantage to having twins...they want to be carried at the same time. No lop-sided biceps for meee! You don't een have to schedule it - I'm sure they will happily stop using their legs if it will help you out!

3) Dancing with the Stars Babes

My little girlies are dancing superstars. I'm too intimidated by their talent to dance with them. But if you have less talented boppers...or don't intimidate easily - bop with your babes...If you want good kid music to dance to - check out the Imagination Movers fun and catchy...and not at all annoying like Barney.

4) Run Away From Your Kids
I've often said that if I had to rely on running for weight loss - I'd still be a fat girl. But what running has given me is a clearer head to apply to both my parenting and my weight loss efforts. If I don't run away from my kids at least once a week - I start to wander down ACookieorFive Way. (kind of a shady street, btw)

5) Watch your informercials
You're up  at 1:30 am anyway, why not tap into a little inspiration.  In the wee hours there are a ton of fitness informercials - probably all targetted at the mommy who's trying to drop a few.   Most of them are good for a laugh (how on earth is swinging myself back and forth on a little kneeboard gonna give me abs of steel instead of flabs for real?), but there are others with great and inspiring stories.  Great for motivation.

Just put down the phone if you're about to order that Shake Weight.  It's not gonna work and all you're gonna lose is the money you spent to have it express shipped...just put down the credit card and go back to bed...unless it's close to a decent hour - then, maybe, turn that new motivation into a workout!

Some other great ones I found online:
  • When eating doughnuts...only eat the centre part
  • Use parental block on the Food Network and then eat the PIN

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