Wednesday, June 22, 2011


As of today, I've officially passed the 50lbs lost mark!   I was hovering at half a pound away for the last week...but this morning, I stepped on the scale to be greeted with 156.5!!!  That's 51.5lbs lost since Jan 1, 2010!!!

(I did reach 155 during the time of great sickness last month...but that doesn't really count)

Woo Hoo!!!!!!  Even though I haven't exactly been religious with sticking to my june challenge - it does appear to be working for me anyway!  

So, I'm super happy today!   Doing little dances of joy all over the place.  Probably a good thing I took the day off.  People at work might look at me funny if I did them around the office!


  1. Thanks! It's a great feeling! I can't wait until I can say 60lbs! :D


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