Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mid-Month Check in: June Challenge

Wow!  June is already halfway did that happen?  I guess that means it's time for me to *grudgingly* check in with how my challenge is going.

Don't drink calories wherever possible - want a latte?  Drink tea.

Ya - this so isn't happening.   I WANT it to, but lattes are just so yummy in the morning when a baby has kept me up all night and my eyelids are heavier than lead.  Oh - and finding out that the cafe in my office building will only charge me for a small when I bring in my own's not a good scene right now on this part of the challenge.  The incredible point to this is that it is a miracle that I have stuck to just one each day!

I suck.

No candy - no matter how yum it is, you have that gut for a reason and it is spelled c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e.

This one is going surprisingly well.  I have only bought candy ONCE!  It was the day after my half and I only caved because hubby wanted some and I figured I deserved some too.  Bad mindset - good self control the rest of the time, though.

Whole foods wherever possible.  Enjoy healthy foods prepared simply.

I'm trying.  Unfortunately, the move to my new office building has meant a group of us have been exploring the restaurants in the new neighbourhood so I haven't been bringing my lunch very much.  I am trying to prepare relatively healthy dinners, though.  I did bring a lunch today...maybe this will be the start of something smart...

Stick to the calorie allowance in Lose It/My Fitness Pal.  Don't cheat and eat up your exercise

Doing ok with this one.   Not as good as I could be, considering I've taken a few days off to recover from my half (actually - the recovery is more for my treadmill dismount since it hurts more).  I do seem to be eating up my exercise though.   I need to get better at that.  I also think maybe I need to pull out the measuring spoons and get a new battery for my kitchen scale.   My weight seems to be stagnating.

Join a TRX class in Langdon one day a week

Done!  Two classes down, three to go! Next one is tonight!  I'm loving it so far.   I think the TRX is defniitely something to add to our home gym.  I'm not sold on continuing to pay to go to a formal class - especially since the TRX bootcamp is just offered once a week and I need more flexibility than to hold myself to just a wednesday class.

Make cross training count...Bike plus core or plyo on Mon/Fri

Last week I did really well.   This week, I have been recovering, but I anticipate that for the rest of the week and then to the rest of the month, I will be on track.

Running 3 times a week (two shorter weekday runs plus my long run on Saturday)

Kinda.   Last week, I did a 5K on Tuesday, then all of the running at the clinic on Friday and the half on Saturday.  I skipped a run on Tuesday this week (recovering), but am going to try my darndest to get one in tomorrow and Saturday. 

So here's my updated calendar:

Looking at it this way makes me think I am doing ok.  11/15 days, I stayed with what was on the calendar.  

My weight loss of a 1.5lbs last week seems to be back 3 days in to this week...and it brought a couple of friends. Might be hormonal so maybe I'll see a change this weekend.  I really need to put our bathroom scale in a box that only unlocks for 2 minutes on the same day each week..then I won't be able to hop on it every morning. I remain optimistic, though.  I doubt I'll see the full 10lbs drop off this month, but if I can buckle down for the last half of the month - I should hopefully see about 5 come off.  If only that buckle down bit wasn't the hard part!

So that's how it's been going!  Did you challenge yourself this month too?  How are you doing so far?


  1. Great job on so many challenges! I am lucky that we don't leave the building for lunch and I am great at saying no to ordering out, except when I leave my lunch at home. :)

  2. The no drinking my calories thing is killing me! We have a really great Cafe in our new office building! I've also been pretty bad at packing a lunch lately...I've got to get better at that but I am just too lazy to cook enough to have leftovers to take :P

  3. Cori - Give the nuun ( or Campers Village) hydration tablets (with electrolytes) a try for drinking water that is flavoured without the calories. It does contain acesulfame-potassium, but it's the only one that I can barely taste an aftertaste.

    I'm not a fan of drinking straight water and it means I am constantly fighting dehydration.


  4. Hey Christine!

    I'm a huge fan of Nuun. It's the only elecrolyte drink my stomach can handle when I run. I don't find I can drink it all the time, though. I do like water...I just don't like walking through 2 security doors int he new building to get to the kitchen to refill my bottle :P

    and lattes are yummy :D

  5. I can't disagree on the lattes although I go for the chai or green tea (matcha) lattes at Starbucks on my way into work everyday. The baristas know me by drink LOL!


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