Monday, June 13, 2011

Me After Footstock

Well, here I am, two days post-Footstock.  I feel VERY good.  What few aches I had are all but completely gone.  I don't know if it was my concetration on form and consistency that did it,but I'd like to think so.  Normall, my inner thighs and quads are killing me for 3 days after I run a half.  This time, I only had a bit of tightness in my hip flexors.   I can even walk up and down the stairs with ease - something that has never happened with my previous 3 half marathons. 

I'd like to think of it as a breakthrough.   Maybe the new form adjustments I learned on Friday are already paying off for me!

Yesterday, I did a great deal of thinking about this half.   For some reason it was a much different experience than any of my other half experiences - and it wasn't just the rain.  I almost feel like I came through it a changed woman.

Instead of being ravenously hungry - I have almost no appetite.  I did cave and treat myself to chocolate yesterday, but my meals were reasonably sized. I haven't been devouring everythign in the house.   If anything, my head is clearer than it has been in years.

On this same note...I am finding that this new, clearer head is meaning I am thinking about many things in a different light.  Bad habits that I have been trying to tackle are now easier to concentrate on.  I find myself aware of when I am starting to do something and I can almost always stop myself.  This is so bizarre.  But good.   Really good.

I keep thinking about how the rain on the trails sounded like Pop Rocks candy.   Random, I know, but it was soothing to listen to while I ran.   It made me feel less stupid for running out of time to pull together an ipod playlist.

Running a solo half was really good for me mentally.   I learned that I can motivate myself effectively when I need to and it mad eme feel like I can accomplish anything.  This is something I will need to draw on as I train for my full marathon this fall.  THAT is going to be a really big test, but I feel like I am mentally ready now.  I may not have been when I said I was going to do it a few months ago.

Now I just need to register for it :)


  1. I'm excited for your fall full marathon! I am hoping to run a spring 2012 full, but I'm already stressing about it! LOL!! If I can get through 10 halfs this year, then hopefully I'll be ready for a fall spring training plan? Hope so! Which training plan are you using for your full?

  2. I just went looking for a plan that I could pick up right after Footstock...then I adapted it to fit my summer...I'm not even sure I still have the actual plan anywhere, but I did post it on my Google calendar on the Run tab... :)


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