Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Reads: The Best Laid Plans by Terry Fallis

This one was so good I have to recommend it before I let you head on to the review!!!  If you are a Canadian (Or perhaps want a little glimpse into how our governement works) READ THIS!

One of my Saturday runenr girls had recommended it to me and I try to read most of the books people recommend.   While I usually stay away from politically themed novels...I am glad I made an exception here.

Here's the basic premise of the story:

Daniel has worked on Parliament Hill for years and has finally had enough.  As he attempts to extricate himself to start a life in academia, he accidently makes a promise to help the Liberal party find a candidate to run in his riding.  The riding of Cumberland-Prescott has been a Tory stronghold for eons and he is assured that the candidate will merely need to let his name stand and will be free to get on with their life after the election takes the riding Blue once more.   After an exhaustive search for Liberals in the riding, Daniel's options are tapped out.  In a chance conversation with his landlord, a Scot named Angus McClintock, he discovers a way to solve both of their problems.   Angus has just been stuck with teaching English to his engineering students at the University.  Daniel is an English professor.  If Angus will run as a Liberal - Daniel will take the dreaded class off of his schedule!  Sounds like a perfect plan!

Daniel throws himself into a barebones campaign that is never meant to result in Angus becoming elected.  From the local Liberal matriarch to the punk rock canvassers - this is one campaign the people of C-P are unlikely to forget.

Fast forward to the week before the election...suddenly the Tory candidate is completely and unexpectedly disgraced and in an election day upset - Angus is suddenly elected!

Hilarity ensues and Parliament Hill will never be the same again.  Now there is an MP on the Hill who is actually looking out for Canadians and they love him for it!

I loved how this wonderful story played out.  The cast of characters is colourful and, perhaps, a bit over the top, but they make for a wonderful read.  Full of Canadiana - this rich tale drew me right in and had me living just outside of Ottawa and experiencing everything from campaign to House of Commons right along with them.    Add in a hovercraft and the tale is complete (you'll just need to read it to understand so stop fighting it and grab a copy today!)

I loved this book so much I wasn't quite ready to say goodbye to the characters.  Stay tuned for next week when I weigh in on the sequel, The High Road!

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